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Joe Mancuso is a classically trained vocalist turned jazz singer. He studied classical voice, audio production and jazz studies (theory, improvisation, history, ear training, composition, piano, guitar etc.) at Webster University from 1986 through 1989; earning a bachelor's degree in music. He sings with an abundance of passion and intensity; whether singing a ballad, bossa nova, blues or swing tune, Joe takes his audience on a dynamic, emotional ride every time.

Joe began his love affair with music at the very beginning of his life (born in 1966) as Elvis, Sinatra, The Beatles, and the sounds of many other top recording artists of the day where wafting through the air from the record player on a daily basis; thanks to his music loving parents.

At the age of 10, Joe was given a guitar as a gift from his Aunt Josephine "Skipper" Mancuso. Aunt Skipper, also know as Laura Tracy and later as Laura Williams, was a beautiful and vivacious jazz and pop Singer that performed in several USO world tours as well as at various night clubs throughout the United States from the mid 1960's through the early 1970's.

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